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    High School Graduation Rate Dataset

    Increase the high school graduation rate (Historical Cohort) from 84.7% in 2013 to 86.2% by 2018. Education education graduation rate high school Field Value publisher-name:  State of Oklahoma harvest_object_id:  gwap-6qqd harvest_source_id:

    Degrees And Certificates Dataset

    Increase the number of degrees and certificates obtained from 40,484 in 2014 to 47,284 by 2018. Education degrees certifications education certificates Field Value publisher-name: harvest_object_id:  haav-i78k harvest_source_id:

    Infant Death Rate Dataset

    Decrease the rate of infant deaths per 1,000 live births from 7.5 in 2012 to 6.5 by 2018. Health health death rate infant Field Value publisher-name:  State of Oklahoma harvest_object_id:  hetc-ue6u harvest_source_id: harvest_last_updated:  0

    Cancer Deaths Dataset

    Decrease the cancer death rate from 185.7 per 100,000 in 2013 to 180.3 per 100,000 by 2019. Health health prevention Field Value publisher-name: harvest_object_id:  i7bj-zids harvest_source_id: harvest_last_updated:  0.86375800

    State of Oklahoma Vendor Payments Fiscal Year 2015 Dataset

    The vendor payment dataset contains payments made by state agencies and institutions of higher education that are processed through the Office of Management and Enterprise Services. These payments reflect disbursements from a state fund for the purchase

    P-Card Scheduled Pay Cycle Dataset

    Actual dates of action associated with the P-Card payments, including deadline for Works editing; when the P-Card download to PeopleSoft will occur each month; the date agencies can begin preparing their P-Card vouchers, and the submission deadline for

    Oklahoma Quality Jobs Incentive Payments Dataset

    This cash-back job creation incentive has moved the State of Oklahoma to the forefront as a location for new manufacturing and service industry investment. The innovative Oklahoma Quality Jobs Program allows qualifying businesses creating new, quality

    State of Oklahoma Revolving Funds- 2011 Dataset

    A detailed listing of all state revolving funds and the amount contained in each fund to be updated on a monthly basis revolving funds 2011 Finance and Administration Field Value publisher-name:  State of Oklahoma harvest_object_id:  nw63-49d5 harvest

    Non-Appropriated Agencies Dataset

    List of non-appropriated State of Oklahoma agencies, their FY-2013 budget, and full-time equivalent (FTE) positions. Finance and Administration budget non Field Value publisher-name: harvest_object_id:  nxnf-828a harvest_source_id:  data.ok

    Oklahoma Chambers of Commerce Dataset

    Find all Chambers of Commerce in the state of Oklahoma. Local Government business Field Value publisher-name: license: harvest_object_id:  nyw8-4mbj harvest_source_id: harvest