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    Early Learning Services Dataset

    Increase the number of families receiving early learning home visiting services from 7,517 in 2014 to 7,893 by 2019. Education services early learning Field Value publisher-name: harvest_object_id:  bjuj-r5yy harvest_source_id:

    Oklahoma Tag Agencies Dataset

    Find all Tag Agencies in the state of Oklahoma. Local Government tax Field Value publisher-name: license: harvest_object_id:  cc83-h259 harvest_source_id: harvest_last_updated

    State Employee Retirement Eligibility Trend Dataset

    Data showing the number of retirement eligible State of Oklahoma employees versus the number of actual employees who retired beginning in 2009. retirement eligibility Field Value publisher-name:  State of Oklahoma harvest_object_id:  cfvi-w6if harvest

    State of Oklahoma Vendor Payments Fiscal Year 2008 Dataset

    The vendor payment dataset contains payments made by state agencies and institutions of higher education that are processed through the Office of Management and Enterprise Services. These payments reflect disbursements from a state fund for the purchase

    Security Risk Rating Dataset

    Increase the state government rating of security risk from 60% in 2014 to 70% by 2018. government government-wide enterprise services it information technology Technology Field Value publisher-name:  State of Oklahoma harvest_object_id:  d65b-yb9i harvest

    Cost of Proposed Pay Band Adjustment Dataset

    Data showing the cost by agency of the proposed 3% increase to the pay bands for classified employees. Finance and Administration increase cost agency classified employee Field Value publisher-name: harvest_object_id:  fhyu-4gt5 harvest

    Funding Summary- Fiscal Year 2012 Dataset

    The Funding dataset provides information for the current fiscal year (to-date) and the three prior fiscal years. The funding information is first presented by high-level funding categories including: • Assets Held for Others • Taxes and Interest Income •

    Total Energy Usage Dataset

    Decrease the total energy use index of state-owned facilities from 128.28 kBtu/square foot in 2012 to 109.04 kBtu/square foot by 2018. Natural Resources state buildings effective services Field Value publisher-name: harvest_object_id:  g9au

    Oklahoma Fire Stations Dataset

    Find fire stations in the State of Oklahoma. Public Safety and Defense Field Value publisher-name: license: harvest_object_id:  gffs-juek harvest_source_id: harvest_last

    Data Downloads Dataset

    Increase the total data downloads from from 24,964 in 2013 to 75,000 by 2018. Technology government data downloads Field Value publisher-name: harvest_object_id:  gm5k-n7sa harvest_source_id: harvest_last