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    Post-TANF Employments Dataset

    Increase the percentage of families who, after reporting employment, remain off Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits for 6 consecutive months from 84.1% in 2013 to 93% by 2018. Economic Development economy employment employment growth F

    International Agricultural Exports Dataset

    Increase the 4-year moving average of total international agricultural exports from $1.67 billion in 2012 to $1.76 billion by 2018. Economic Development economy business agriculture Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id f5xd-kq69 harves

    Aerospace and Defense Employment Dataset

    Increase Aerospace and Defense employment from 85,218 in 2013 to 90,447 by 2017. Economic Development economy employment jobs Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id f9qp-kuz6 harvest_source_id harvest_last_updated 0.86375800

    Cost of Proposed Pay Band Adjustment Dataset

    Data showing the cost by agency of the proposed 3% increase to the pay bands for classified employees. Finance and Administration increase cost agency classified employee Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id fhyu-4gt5 harvest_source_id

    Funding Summary- Fiscal Year 2012 Dataset

    The Funding dataset provides information for the current fiscal year (to-date) and the three prior fiscal years. The funding information is first presented by high-level funding categories including: • Assets Held for Others • Taxes and Interest Income •

    State of Oklahoma Capital Asset Utilization by Function- Primary Government Dataset

    Data showing the capital asset use by primary function of State of Oklahoma government. Finance and Administration use function government Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id ftuz-5ard harvest_source_id harvest_last_update

    Pension Debt Funded Ratio Dataset

    Increase the State of Oklahoma’s pension debt funded ratio from 72.5% funded in 2014 to NA% funded by 2018 (Target not yet established). Finance and Administration government debts obligations pension ratio Field Value publisher-name harvest_o

    Oklahoma Health Care Facilities Dataset

    Find health care facilities in the state of Oklahoma. Health medical healthcare facility Field Value publisher-name license harvest_object_id fyhh-4wxs harvest_source_id harvest_

    Ozone Standards Compliance Days Dataset

    Maintain the percentage of days ozone is within federal standards at 95% every year through 2017. Natural Resources Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id g6sw-87gn harvest_source_id harvest_last_updated 0.86375800 1436785838

    Purchase Card (PCard) Fiscal Year 2015 Dataset

    This dataset contains information on purchases made through the purchase card programs administered by the state and higher ed institutions. The purchase card information will be updated monthly after the end of the month. For example, July information wi