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    Security Risk Rating Dataset

    Increase the state government rating of security risk from 60% in 2014 to 70% by 2018. Technology government government-wide enterprise services it information technology Field Value publisher-name State of Oklahoma harvest_object_id d65b-yb9i harvest_sou

    Shared IT Support Services - Column Chart Chart

    IT First Call Resolution Rate - Column Chart Chart

    Statewide Contract Cost Savings Dataset

    Increase the amount of annual cost savings resulting from statewide procurement contracts from $20.2 million in 2014 to $30 million by 2019. Finance and Administration govenrment government-wide enterprise services Field Value publisher-name h

    Oklahoma Technology Centers Map Map

    CareerTech Map Map

    OKStateStat Monthly Visits Dataset

    Increase the average monthly visits to from 3,210 in 2014 to 15,000 by 2018. Technology website web site visits Field Value publisher-name State of Oklahoma harvest_object_id 4kkb-qkvv harvest_source_id harvest_last_updated

    Online Motor Vehicle Renewals Dataset

    Increase the number of motor vehicle renewals processed online from 108,500 in 2014 to 180,000 by 2018. Technology government Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id 62sz-d43b harvest_source_id harvest_last_updated 0.86375800

    Shared IT Support Services Dataset

    Increase the percentage of state agencies participating in shared IT support services from 63% in 2014 to 100% by 2017. Technology government information Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id 699g-ay4y harvest_source_id harv

    Online Business Filing Transactions Dataset

    Increase the percentage of business filing transactions processed online from 33% in 2014 to 50% by 2018. Technology government online services business filing Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id 73k7-9q94 harvest_source_id data.ok.go