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    2013 Real Property Inventory Map Map

    2013 Report of Underutilized Properties - Tier 2 Map Map

    2013 Report of Underutilized Properties-Tier 1 Map Map

    Oklahoma Technology Centers Map Map

    CareerTech Map Map

    10-Year Comparison of Taxpayer Income - Column Chart Chart

    State of Oklahoma Vendor Payments Fiscal Year 2013 Dataset

    The vendor payment dataset contains payments made by state agencies and institutions of higher education that are processed through the Office of Management and Enterprise Services. These payments reflect disbursements from a state fund for the purchase o

    Purchase Card (PCard)- Fiscal Year 2013 Dataset

    This dataset contains information on purchases made through the purchase card programs administered by the state and higher ed institutions. The purchase card information will be updated monthly after the end of the month. For example, July information wi

    Funding Summary- Fiscal Year 2013 Dataset

    The Funding dataset provides information for the current fiscal year (to-date) and the three prior fiscal years. The funding information is first presented by high-level funding categories including: Assets Held for Others Taxes and Interest Income Licens

    2013 Real Property Asset Data Dataset

    The Oklahoma Real Property Asset Report is published annually in compliance with the Oklahoma State Government Asset Reduction and Cost Savings Program found in Title 62 O.S. §908. The act requires the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) t