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    State of Oklahoma Certified Alternative Fuel Technicians and Companies Map Map

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    Lane-Mile Road Conditions Dataset

    Decrease the number of road lanes miles in critical or inadequate condition from 3,862 in 2013 to 3,841 by 2017. Transportation safety Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id 3jxv-7cxt harvest_source_id harvest_last_updated 0.

    Structurally Deficient Bridges - Line Chart Chart

    Rural Highway Shoulders - Line Chart Chart

    Lane-Mile Road Conditions - Line Chart Chart

    Rural Highway Shoulders Dataset

    Decrease the miles of rural highways without shoulders from 4,608 in 2013 to 4,528 by 2017. Transportation safety infrastructure Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id hutk-iuyg harvest_source_id harvest_last_updated 0.863758

    Structurally Deficient Bridges Dataset

    Decrease the number of structurally deficient bridges from 556 in 2013 to 280 by 2017. Transportation bridges structurally deficient Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id n3yp-72mr harvest_source_id harvest_last_updated 0.86

    Shared IT Support Services - Column Chart Chart