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    Manufactured Home and Manufactured Home Park Salesperson License Holders Dataset

    This data contains a current list of licensed manufactured home salespersons. Regulatory Services sales mobile home salesperson Used Motor Vehicle Parts Commission Field Value publisher-name State of Oklahoma harvest_object_id c942-3jag harvest_source_id

    Licensed Used Motor Vehicle Salesperson Dataset

    This data contains a list of individuals licensed by the Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission to sale used motor vehicles. Salespersons that are employed by a Franchise Dealership will not appear in this database, their license is issued by the Motor

    Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission Dealer License Search Dataset

    A list of licensed Used Motor Vehicle Dealers (UD), Wholesale Dealers (WD), Automotive Dismantler (AD), Manufactured Home Dealers (MH), Manufactured Home Installers (I) and Manufactured Home Park Dealers (MHP). This list is updated weekly. For bond or