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    State-Managed Buildings Energy Savings Impact Dataset

    Data reflecting the total energy saved in all state-managed buildings. Finance and Administration state buildings energy usage energy savings Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id 2ffz-i3xx harvest_source_id harvest_last

    School Counselor- Student Ratio Dataset

    Increase the school counselor to student ratio from 1 counselor per 421 students in 2013 to 1 counselor per 250 students by 2018. Education counselor school student ratio Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id 2jsz-jc8z harvest_source_id

    Health Care Cost Growth Dataset

    Limit state-purchased health care cost growth to 2% less than the projected national health expenditures average every year through 2019. Health healthcare health care cost growth Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id 2rx6-rfwj harvest

    State of Oklahoma Revolving Funds- 2012 Dataset

    A detailed listing of all State of Oklahoma revolving funds and the amount for calendar year 2012. Finance and Administration revolving funds 2012 Office of Management and Enterprise Services Field Value publisher-name State of Oklahoma harvest_object_id

    Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Dataset

    Maintain the percentage of youth ages 12-17 exposed to a substance abuse prevention message at 86.6% every year through 2018. Public Safety and Defense youth substance abuse prevention Field Value publisher-name State of Oklahoma harvest_object_id 3cfz

    CareerTech Post-Graduation Placement Dataset

    Increase the percentage of CareerTech graduates that are employed, enter the military, and/or continue education related to their field of study from 84% in 2013 to 89% by 2018. Economic Development career tech careertech placement post graduation Field

    OHFA Funded Multi Family Developments Dataset

    A listing of Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency funded developments Economic Development ohfa funded developments Field Value publisher-name State of Oklahoma harvest_object_id 3g9y-y7mg harvest_source_id harvest_last_updated 0.86375800

    CNCS Volunteer Service Hours Dataset

    Increase the number of service hours provided in the Corporation for National and Community Services Volunteer Programs (CNCS) from 1,654,783 in 2014 to 2,150,434 by 2017. Social Services health volunteer service hours corporation for national and

    Lane-Mile Road Conditions Dataset

    Decrease the number of road lanes miles in critical or inadequate condition from 3,862 in 2013 to 3,841 by 2017. Transportation safety Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id 3jxv-7cxt harvest_source_id harvest_last_updated 0

    Transportation And Distribution Sales Dataset

    Increase Transportation and Distribution sales from $26.889 billion in 2013 to $30.264 billion by 2017. Economic Development economy transportation distribution Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id 3mcm-3xc7 harvest_source_id data.ok