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    Transportation And Distribution Exports - Column Chart Chart

    Per Capita Personal Income - Line Chart Chart

    Median Household Income - Line Chart Chart

    State Labor Force - Line Chart Chart

    State Labor Force Dataset

    Increase the state labor force from 1.85 million in 2013 to 1.93 million by 2017. Economic Development employment economy state commerce workforce participation jobs Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id 7ugg-yvu5 harvest_source_id data

    New Patents Filed Dataset

    Increase the number of new patents filed in Oklahoma from 604 in 2013 to 633 by 2017. Economic Development economy commerce new patents Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id 8tp7-ekw3 harvest_source_id harvest_last_updated 0

    Median Household Income Dataset

    Increase the state median household income from $45,690 in 2013 to $51,424 by 2017. Economic Development economy wealth generation commerce income Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id 93ry-4338 harvest_source_id harvest_las

    Transportation And Distribution Exports Dataset

    Increase Transportation and Distribution exports from $16.799 billion in 2013 to $18.908 billion by 2017. Economic Development economy transportation distribution oklahoma exports commerce Field Value publisher-name harvest_object_id xzzu-39q8

    Number of Full Time Employees Chart

    FY 2014 EEO-4 Reporting by Job Categories Chart