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    State of Oklahoma Vendor Payments Fiscal Year 2014 Dataset

    The vendor payment dataset contains payments made by state agencies and institutions of higher education that are processed through the Office of Management and Enterprise Services. These payments reflect disbursements from a state fund for the purchase

    Workforce By Generation Trend Dataset

    Workforce By Generation Trend Demographics Field Value publisher-name:  State of Oklahoma harvest_object_id:  5aym-mjqj harvest_source_id: harvest_last_updated:  0.86375800 1436785838 source:  Office of Management and Enterprise Services

    Funding Summary- Fiscal Year 2009 Dataset

    The Funding dataset provides information for the current fiscal year (to-date) and the three prior fiscal years. The funding information is first presented by high-level funding categories including: Assets Held for Others Taxes and Interest Income

    Workforce Ethnicity Fiscal Year 2009-2013 Dataset

    Workforce Ethnicity Fiscal Year 2009-2013 Demographics Field Value publisher-name: harvest_object_id:  5xd2-vagk harvest_source_id: harvest_last_updated:  0.86375800 1436785838 source: Office of Management and

    Oklahoma General Pay Increase History Dataset

    List of pay increases for State of Oklahoma employees since fiscal year 2002. employee Finance and Administration Field Value publisher-name: harvest_object_id:  6evb-5kfi harvest_source_id: harvest_last_updated:  0.86375800

    OHFA Advantage Lenders in Oklahoma County Table

    Retirements Chart

    Turnover Rate Trend Chart

    College Readiness Benchmarks Chart

    Debt Per Capita - Column Chart Chart